Texas Pharmacy Association

I was a participant at the recent SANDS meeting and I want to thank you for such a helpful and productive session. Both I and my head cook who I brought got a lot out of this session and I believe it will make a difference!

—Jan Williams, SNS, Food Services Director, North Canton City Schools

Matt brought a fresh perspective and upbeat attitude that was much needed to our group. His program covered the importance of good communication and the value of a good attitude.

Good communication is simply understanding. So many of us have forgotten the basics of good communication. After refreshing our memories about the basics, Matt explained the three different types of learning styles. It’s important to understand your own preferred learning style, but Matt took it a step further and showed us that it’s just as important to understand the preferred learning style of the person you are communicating with. Once we understand these learning styles, we can truly communicate with people much more effectively.

Attitude is an important component of communication. During the presentation, we took an Attitude Inventory. This really increased our awareness not only of our own attitudes, but also the attitudes of the people that surround us. The people that surround us influence our behavior and attitudes—so if we know who the positive people are—we know which people we should associate with more. It also opened up our eyes to appreciate the positive people in our lives. Additionally, Matt gave us a list of ways to improve our own attitudes and three actions steps to increase communication and attitude. We may not be able to control events around us, but we can control how we respond.

Matt’s program really gave us ways that we can better ourselves and be more effective communicators.

—Nicky Williams, USDA NRCS

We were all immensely pleased with the success of your presentation. The feedback I received from our attendees is that it was by far one the best sessions we’ve ever had. It’s easy to see how passionate you are about speaking and your knowledge on the subject is second to none. Our attendees were entertained, gained a great deal valuable information and left inspired!

—Paul Johnson, Director of Professional Development for Iowa Credit Union League

You were engaging and energizing, just the perfect thing for our attendees to start the morning. Many of our attendees stated that you were one of the best opening speakers they had seen. Well done!

—Brandi Davis, Wisconsin Assisted Living Association

I have had several of our teammates call or mention that you have been one of the BEST speakers we have had in the past 2 years. You are an energetic and inspiring speaker.

—Scott J Burgmeyer, Bridgestone Tire

I can always count on you to make an impact on the audience and have them leave your program energized and looking at life with a more positive outlook.

—Debby DeWitt, WCHSFA Board of Directors

Matt has a perfect message that makes a lasting impression.

—Sarah Olson, National Milk Producers Federation

Matt made a lasting impression with our audience, not only through the message he conveyed, but in the way he presented to them.

—Jennifer Rzepka, Executive Director for RSA Wisconsin

Matt’s message on the value of a positive attitude is done with humor, enthusiasm and unbelievable passion!

—Rob Wagner, District Administrator for Lancaster Schools

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to our students and families at Washington! Your message was great and will stick with all that heard it!

—Brenda Maro & The Renaissance Committee

Thanks for the great motivational presentation. The group you presented to was difficult to keep focused, you kept them entertained and brought your message across. I applaud your ability. I check my Mattitude often. Thanks.

—Sue Wagner, Dubuque Internal Medicine

I’m sure you get this alot, but starting Friday after your session, I decided that I will have control over my attitude and it has already shown positive results. My two small children recognize how “happy daddy is” and my wife has appreciated my better mood and willingness to do more around the house. I know it is only Monday, but things are better for me and I know it has to do with my attitude adjustment.

—Matthew Campbell, Sioux City, IA

Just wanted to thank you again for your help today. As always, you did an awesome job and everyone really enjoyed your talk. It was nice to walk out of there with smiles on our faces. Thanks so much!

—Kathy A. Kahle, Dubuque Bank & Trust Co.

Matt is on my elite list of people you should know. I’ve witnessed his great passion for speaking and motivating others. Matt has been an encouragement and inspiration in my own business and personal goals. He is professional, engaging, and humorous. I fully recommend Matt for any future speaking, training, or coaching needs you may have.

—Sarah Bey, Waterloo Iowa

The Delaware Jaycees strongly believe we received more then our moneys worth by inviting Matt to Delaware. I highly recommend other clubs and organizations invite Matt to your state so that you can see the difference Mattitude makes!

—Frank Dowling, Delaware Jaycees

Thank you for the dynamic presentation of some really cool ideas. You are right, it is great to come home with just one good idea. We certainly came out of your session with more than one idea. Thanks for presenting to the Iowa City/County Management Association. We needed the educational and entertaining break.

—Michael C. Van Milligen, Dubuque City Manager

Within an hour of reading your tip titled “And kicks But”, I found myself wanting to use “but” three times. I was able to catch myself in time to substitute “and” which made for a much more positive statement and interaction with my co-workers. I always welcome and enjoy your tips which continue to help make me a better person.

—Robert H. Pallasch, Valencia, CA

Your workshop has given me the tools to make each presentation stronger and more effective. Your techniques for message formulation and delivery are exactly what I was looking for.

—Rick Dickinson, Director Greater Dubuque Development

With Matt’s experience, he creates the perfect blend of motivation and humor to charge his audience. His talent is truly unmatched by anyone in the industry. If you need to recharge your organization, Matt Booth is the person to make it happen.

—Molly Redenbaugh, 77th President for Iowa Junior Chamber

I just wanted to thank you for all the great Mattitude training. It was exciting, fun, and very motivating. And just to let you know my goal list is still growing, and I have it with me always. I hope that I will be able to see you and more of your trainings this year, I can’t wait the hear more.

—April Ellis, Alabama

Hi Matt! I can’t tell you how awesome it was to have you at our Leadership Summit in Tulsa this year! You were absolutely amazing and VERY entertaining. Thank you!

—Jessica Wilhoite, Orlando

I still reflect on the awesome trainings you have given during the JCI Presidents Summit in Tulsa. Especially the “What’s in your wallet” trainings, guess what I still carry in my wallet. The reason I am mailing is to get a list of all the trainings you give to see if we can somehow have you on Curacao this year for some trainings.

—Jc Yuri Nicolaas, President 2007 for JCI IOBA Curacao

I just wanted to personally thank you for your inspirational, mind-blowing, life changing presentation at the Leadership Academy. As a result of you (and I must give me a big pat on the back as well) I am now looking at everything I do in a MATTITUDE WAY. I have never been so proactive and accountable for my self, my actions, and most of all my work. You have created a monster and more so someone who has never been more proud of herself. Thank you SO much. (as I am now crying tears of pride)

—Tricia Cassidy, Colorado

“During my 2005 mayoral campaign, Matt Booth was invaluable in helping me to articulate and target my message to citizens. He listened to my vision for Dubuque and worked with me to get the message across…every time.”

—Mayor Roy D. Buol, Mayor for Dubuque, Iowa

I wanted to thank you again for what I feel was the most worthwhile presentation for me at Friday’s Conference! The energy and enthusiasm you bring to your presentation made me want to get right to work on improving my communication skills! I will definitely keep you in mind when we need a presenter or speaker in my business.

—Andrew R. Lashier, Des Moines, Iowa

I recently attended Matt Booth’s communication seminar, and wanted to share my excitement about his class. He’s an exceptional presenter and teacher, and has a ton of great information to share. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve presentation/communication skills. He would benefit anyone’s professional development. Not only is he an exceptional communicator, he’s also very entertaining!

—Megan Murray, Aegon USA

“Saying that Matt is a dynamic presenter is an understatement of gigantic proportion. His signature seminar, Mattitude, takes personal productivity training to another level. Matt’s content is relevant and his style is compelling. His ability to connect with the audience is the hallmark of his seminars. As a fellow trainer, Matt has my unqualified professional endorsement and my deep personal respect. Mattitude is a must for any corporation in any industry.”

—Rick Griffin, Griffin Consultants

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker and trainer, look no further than Matt Booth. The only problem with Matt is that he lives in America. Living in America isn’t bad; it’s just that I’d get more use out of him if he lived a little closer to England.

—David Cooper, President for Cooper Grocery Stores (Bath, England)

Amazing, fun, inspirational are just a few adjectives I can say for the wonderful presentations you gave. I really enjoyed it.

—Karla Smith, Florence, Kentucky