Be Yourself… Improve Yourself


Be Yourself… Improve Yourself


When 365ink Magazine was new so many years ago, I had read a few of Matt Booth’s Mattitude columns and thought he was pretty witty, somewhat insightful, and seemed to have a fairly positive outlook on life. I liked his friendly, open, and conversational writing style. His philosophy of success through self-directed attitude management was interesting and often his columns were humorous as well as thought-provoking.

That first meeting began a creative team effort that has resulted in wider circles of friends, a book, and a sustaining vision for something more. Matt was just about ready to publish his Master’s thesis on Communication from the University of Dubuque. He had a well-written manuscript was a good read but was not the right book to launch his public speaking career.

Fast forward a few years to nearly 3 years ago. . . .

Matt was continuing to write his column for 365 and found success as a nationally traveling speaker. He had taken the time to fall in love, marry his lovely wife Joie, and was even dreaming of becoming a papa. We met again and he had a new book idea. His columns for 365 were so popular people were constantly telling him that they should be gathered into a book.

The people were right. We now had an author whose voice had grown strong and whose core philosophy had gelled into a call to action he could share with his audiences.

In his own words, Matt shares that, “Be Yourself – Improve Yourself is my second published book. I spent about five years developing it. The title of the book is the philosophy of my life and the simple formula for personal satisfaction and professional success. I wrote this book because I profoundly believe we are put on this earth to be happy and successful. To be happy, you’re going to have to be yourself. And to be successful, you have to be in a continuing state of self-improvement. It’s an attitude thing!”

Unlike most books, Be Yourself; Improve Yourself is designed for individuals that have a little time to read a page or two of text, without chaining them to the traditional cover-to-cover, chapter by chapter read. Instead the book focuses on four key growth areas to ponder, Attitude, Business, Language, and Personal. Each entry was painstakingly selected, reviewed for sustaining-relevance, and placed in the hopper for potential inclusion.

It has been a joy working on this book. I love that the pre-launch printer’s proofs for Matt’s 2nd book were delivered the same day the Booth’s second son, Graham was born.

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