These are Matt’s most popular programs, that are customized for your audience.

What’s the Value of Your Attitude?

What’s The Value of Your Attitude? There is an old saying that “attitude is everything”. Is that true? I think Attitude is the START of everything! Attitude determines your thoughts and ultimately your actions. In this program you will find that being positive as often as possible helps you be more successful at what you do. You’ll leave this program with practical take-a-ways and the motivation to implement them.


Communicate with Attitude

From the day you were born, you’ve depended on the ability to communicate. A soft touch, that warm gentle hug from your family and somewhere between that first cry for breath and yesterday’s long winded lunch, the process has changed. You now live in a world full of clutter, confusion, and information overload. With each step forward in technology, you seem to take a step back from personal connection and then are forced to catch up. Success comes to people not because they are smarter or more talented than you, but because they can communicate their ideas clearly and thus gaining buy-in from staff and co-workers. Virtually every facet of your personal and professional life hangs on your ability to communicate.


Remote Control Attitude

Too often, we act like we have a remote for life. Sit on the sofa, watch, complain, click. Sit, watch, complain, click. Sit, watch, complain, click… and wish…wish for better health, better spouse, better product, better job, better house, a better life. You are the only one who can make those changes. There are no short cuts. There is only effort, failure, and repetition. Your life will only change when you get up off your butt and start changing it.


Chase Your Dreams

How many goal seminars, books, webinars and other crap have you sat through, read through, stared at, and listened to only to find that you can’t sustain any of it? Ask anyone today where they’re going and how they plan to get there, and chances are they don’t know. Today, we live in a microwave, throw-away, live-for-the-moment society. Take control of your personal and professional life—attitude, relationships, time management, health and fitness, communication, and finances—you determine where you’re going. My name is Matt Booth and I’m very happy to help.